Tactile Imagery
Board in London

A creative project by Robert Forbes

TactileImagery is more than a portfolio website, it is a place to reconnect with moments in time and the thoughts that go with them. It's a place to feel what I did during these moments.

I am in my element when I'm out on my own with my thoughts and camera. Capturing what inspires me as my meander through my day, contemplating life and being completely lost in the moment. My main focus (as in camera) is directed at nature and architecture. Finding patterns or shapes where others don't.

Originally from the UK, my camera has been used in a multitude countries including Israel, Sweden, France, Italy, etc but I've now settled in Stavanger, Norway where I can enjoy the fantastic scenery and daily walks along the coast line that always makes me notice something new or different.

Although I prefer being on my own and photographing nature and architecture, I've also taken charge of wedding photography, nightlife and festivals at selected events in London.

So this is me. Please feel free to have a look around the site to get a better idea of my work and who I am and what I like to do.